Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Summer of Fresh Prints

As I brace myself for autumn,  I fondly look back on my summer of love.

Mermaid sandcastles

Garden love

 Veggies yum!

Jellyfish on parade

Water baby

Bobby Las Vegas

Sweet girl in a handmade dress

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Has Arrived!

The launch of my online fabric shop will be in May. I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, please enjoy the images and information that I am so happy to share with you.

These beautiful images from Ana Laura Perez have perfectly captured the essence of spring.

Sleepy bears, it's time to awaken from your winter slumber.

I absolutely adore this print from Jill Bliss and have found the perfect spot to hang it.

Lauren Moffat's spring collection. Ummm.....I'll have one of everything please.